Design Goal
Give the website a look and feel which emulates this Southern New Mexico lodge.

The oval in the top left corner is a photo of the hand painted Talavera tile you will see over the main entrance as you walk in the lodge. (Talavera is a style of hand-painted earthenware [tiles, pottery, etc.] from Mexico, they are very iconic of the Southwest.)

The background for the main navigation links are turquoise tiles set in turquoise stucco which you will find accents of around the lodge. (In New Mexico, turquoise is very popular and very iconic of the state.)

The page background is a photo of the exact pink stucco of the lodge's exterior. It is a beautiful sight to see - you drive up the hill to the lodge after a long travel day, as you crest the hill you see the setting sun casting pink, orange, and yellow light across the wide open sky, and matching that warm pink glow is the pink stucco lodge where you will be staying.
The border between the content area and footer is the exact New Mexico style wooden border you will see trimming the doorways throughout the lodge.
Photo Tour
360 Virtual Tour
The banner atop the Reservations page is a photo of the copper ceiling from one of the rooms.

The background for the page title is the exact drum skin texture - there are several hand-made New Mexico drums in one of the Lodge atriums.

The shape of the page title background is a common motif found in Native American rugs, some of which you will also find beautifully hung in some of the common areas.
The banner atop the Rooms & Rates page is a photo of Mexican Talavera tile found in the rooms. These particular hand painted tiles portray the flowers of the night-blooming jimson weed which are found in the area.

To the left of each suite name on the page, there's a decorative swirl pattern seen on wrought iron screen doors found in most traditional Southwestern styles homes and certainly found at the lodge.

I also did all of the photography showing the suites, common areas, and lodge details. Shots of the colorful sunsets, mountains, hiking trails, flora and fauna, etc. were taken by the lodge owners.
The 360 tour shots of all the rooms and the grounds were done by one of the Lodge's guests - how cool is that!
The Amenities page banner shows more of the beautiful Mexican Talavera works at the lodge. Touches of Talavera are seen in: wall tiles, pottery, sinks, showers, light switch covers, light fixtures, and elsewhere.

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