Vehicles have long since been likened with animal characteristics (the roaring engine, the purring motor, horse power, etc.). Both wines and cars are arguably “better with time”. The classics become more valuable and collectable, and red wines become more developed while red and white wine recipes in general become more established. Wine and vehicles have more than just vintage in common; entire ways of life are based around them. Automobiles are for every type of consumer, just like Vintage Breed wines.

Each decade of 'Vintage Breed' wines are given an ‘animal car’ name. For example, the Ford Mustang was first made in 1964, so all the wines with a vintage in the 60’s are the “Mustang Collection”.

The Vintage Breed Animal Car Collection wines are released after a decade, and that is when the collection name is chosen and the wine is bottled and labeled. Red wines are cellared for up to 10 years, the white wines are not. Feel free to read through the Vintage Breed wine index book for more information (at the bottom).
Brand identity and collateral for a fictitious New Mexico Winery (my BFA exhibition).
I created every aspect of this project (name, brand identity, packaging, posters, book, photography, etc).
Target audience: I considered age, gender, lifestyle, social preferences, budget, and more when choosing the name and concept for Vintage Breed Winery.
Vintage Breed wine bottles melted in a kiln to create beautiful hanging wall decor.
As the white wines go from semi-dry to sweet, the gold on the label gets brighter (Chardonnay, Riesling, Moscato).
As the red wines go from full-bodied to light-bodied, the silver on the label gets lighter (Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon).
Metallic colors on the label visually portray the wine characteristics (sweet/dry/red/white).
Decade posters representing each collection of wine.
A pinto is a piebald or spotted horse.
Gallardo is a famous breed of Spanish fighting bulls.
A raptor is a bird of prey, like an eagle, hawk, falcon, or owl.
Handmade wine index book. (Right: the carpet page before the content pages.)
I sewed together the signatures with matching gold thread and bound it with the French tapes method.
There are seven spreads like this one in the book, each gives a definition of the animal and the time range that collection of wine spans.
For example:
Gallardo Collection: 2000-2009
The first model of the Lamborghini Gallardo was made in 2003.
Gallardo is a famous breed of Spanish fighting bulls.
Vintage Breed wine index book
Designed and Edited by: Elizabeth Brown
Photography by: Elizabeth Brown
For advertisements
Black on black to deemphasize the model and allow attention to be directed towards the wine and typography/branding that would accompany these photos in ad campaigns.
Logo mockups
Vintage Breed Winery © Eliz Design (2012-present)

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